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Creative Editorial

The Creative Editorial team has extensive experience in creating high quality movies and television episodes in their post-theatrical life, whether to meet airlines requirements or strict network Standards & Practices requirements. Preserving the integrity of the projects and the intent of the filmmakers or showrunners are essential to our approach. We handle film and video editing, augmentation, time tailoring, sound editing, visual effects, color grading and anything in between including ADR and writing.

Our team also writes and edits sizzle reels, promotional videos, added-value materials, documentaries, music videos and screen tests.


WDNH Post Production is leading the way in digital workflows and media processing with state-of-the-art technologies. WDNH was an early adopter of Interoperable Master Format (IMF) mastering and was one of the first Post Production facilities to operationalize IMF workflows.


IMF is a standardized format that allows for the exchange of motion picture and television content between devices and facilities. Conceived to eventually replace video tape as a mastering format, IMF is a collection of file-based assets (picture, audio, text, files and metadata) designed to play together through one or more Composition Play Lists. The Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) standardized the basic format in 2012 which is supported by a growing number of studios, broadcasters, manufacturers and vendors.

Because IMF is a component-based format and stores the difference between versions (instead of flattened linear versions), it brings significant cost savings and greatly improved efficiency in the post production workflow. It is revolutionizing the digital media supply chain by streamlining the mastering process and allowing quick time-to-market.