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Sound Editorial

WDNH Post Production Services is proud of its ability to accommodate the unique preferences of individual filmmakers.

We offer flexible workflows within sound editorial suites, design suites and traditional mixing platforms, along with many combinations of workflows to suit the needs of filmmakers. Our versatile crew can tailor these environments to fit project-specific requirements and help bring each filmmaker’s distinctive vision to the screen. 

Sound Editorial Features:

  • Large Sound Design Suite 

  • ProTools HD Editing Systems

  • KRK speakers for monitoring sound

  • Sound Server with shared storage and connectivity to the Sound Design Suite, Sound Effects Library, Mix Stages, ADR Stages, Foley Stages and Picture Editorial

Sound Library

WDNH Post Production Services' Sound Editorial department maintains an extensive and ever-expanding sound library. In addition to offering the latest commercial libraries, we have a large collection of original sound effects, built over years and countless movies and television series.

Sound Editorial is dedicated to providing quality solutions in an efficient and user-friendly manner. Our large, fast and highly secure servers allow our SFX asset management software easy search and retrieval of elements as well as server-direct editing.